The harvest

The European flat was the only species found in our waters until the mid-70s. It was cultivated in our oyster parks, on the seabed.


Ready to go when the tide recedes

Our grandfather and later our father were working mostly with women.


« Mascotte »

The first boat of the Arin family moored at the little Kerarzic strand. It came from Morbihan.


In the mid-60s, Mascotte II – here in the harbour of Paimpol – was acquired by the family. Her mast was used to dredge for oysters.


To take a step forward!

In the 70s and 80s, the business of raising Pacific oysters – a Japanese species imported to France – started to develop. It was supported by a new production method: the oysters were no longer left on the seabed but put in bags and kept off bottom on tables. Work in oyster farms at low tide is significant. Thanks to mechanization, we now use a tractor to transport the oysters from the farm to the shop at low tide.